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Case Study: How building email, push & pixel lists enable me to get $1.67 EPC & 100%+ positive ROI...COnsistently!

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You're Getting Access to the FULL Case Study Training on how to use the New Method Promoting CPA Affiliate Offers! A 45 Min+ Video Training of the Case Study, Valued at $497.00. This full version includes:

The ONE THING that around 3% of media buyers and Affiliates are doing right now that enables to turn losing campaigns into winning... With The Same Traffic Cost! Which means YOU gain an unfair advantage over everyone else running the same CPA campaigns! (Minute 4:06)
3 Monetization Methods You can apply immediately to get 100%+ Return On Investment Campaigns... Even With Less Traffic! (Minute 28:01)
The Type of Offers and Traffic that work best to apply the New Method that has nothing to do with Facebook. Which means no more risking your Ads account or using questionable practices. No more gambling with your money!(Minute 32:16)
Back-end Profits. What you should expect in terms of profits from the assets you'll be building and when will that happen. (Minute 40:03)
The Only ONE COST you should really care about (which is NOT your ad spend) and how to ensure it stays as low as possible. (Minute 42:06)
What You Will Need to implement the NEW Method (tools etc)
How I Could Personally Help You (if needed) to implement the Technical Side and with the running of campaigns...
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CPA Quick Wins Guide


The CPA Quick Wins Guide To Nutra/Ecom Offers

A text based guide that shows - in step-by-step - so even a someone new to CPA can follow...

How to Promote CPA Nutra/Ecom Cash-On-Delivery (COD) Affiliate Offers with AdCombo Affiliate Network And Be Profitable Within 24 Hours from Starting!

It includes:

* Full Campaign walk through with specific product to promote and creatives. Including tracker setup, AdCombo postback URL setup, Traffic Source Setup (Mobidea Push), with images and links for more info, so you can copy and run it as is and know exactly where everything goes.

* How And When To Optimize & Scale your CPA campaigns. How To Test. How Much to spend for testing (depending on offer payout). When to kill a campaign and when to let it run.

* Bonus: The CPA Campaigns (excel) calculator for CPA affiliate offers to let you know when to proceed or stop a campaign.

I'm selling this guide separately for $247. BUT because am testing* this order bump sale, you can get BOTH The Case Study & The CPA Quick Wins Guide For Just...

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Please Read!

I've recommended these same specific NEW Method & Strategies to a few people in the past and (as you can see from the screenshots below)

it's worked well for them as well...

It's also the same training I have been paid $497 to teach in the recent past...

However, this Case Study/Training is NOT meant to be a "Step-By-Step" tutorial.

It's an insider view at my own operations and how I do things.

It is meant to inspire you and set you in the right direction by showing you what I did, what I changed and why.

I even go over what you'll need if you want to do what I do.

And If You'Re Wondering...

Why am I sharing with you this info, if it's that good and - on top of that - for such a low price (while others have paid $497 in the recent past)...

The simple answer is that I've had enough seeing and answering threads like this. (This is just an example. There are many just like it out there.)

It's also my own version of Strategy of Preeminence where some time long ago, I've decided I'll do my best to steer people in the right direction.

And at 7 bucks, there is simply no excuse to not take me up on that as there are no special permissions required or what have you.

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