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IMPORTANT:Please Read The Following

First of all thank you for applying to be considered working with me to take you by the hand and set up a Bootstrapping Done-For-You Online Business. If you're here it means that your application has been provisionally accepted. So Congratulations in meeting my requirements.

However, because our time is limited and important, before we schedule our 1-on-1 live call, I'd please like you to watch the video below, in which, I pull the curtains back on one of my businesses (the exact same I'll do for you) and show you the tasks required for running such a business successfully.

These are the things you or your staff will be doing, on a day to day basis, if we end up working together.

So watching this video is important as you'll be able to see 2 very important things:

1) If this is something you can see yourself doing as a business.
2) The potential of money that can be made once you're trained and running this business

Then if you like what you see and are ready to proceed to the next stage, I'll be glad to do a live call with you for your questions and to discuss things further and to see if we are a good fit together.

Looking forward speaking to you live,
Kostas Papadakis (Founder,

Please Watch This Video

If you can see yourself running such a business (after you're trained by me of-course) and want to make the money I show you, please add me in skype (my id is kpapadakis13) if we are not already connected or send us an email here to arrange our call together!

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