Bootstrapping Strategies Framework Workshop TY – Please Check Your Email


It Worked!

Hey Friend, please check your email inbox () in the next 5 minutes or when you get a chance later and look for an email from Kostas Papadakis ([email protected]) which inside will have the link to the workshop page. Note: If you can’t find the email in your inbox please also take a look at your bulk/spam folder in case it’s gone there accidentally.

I am confident you will find the workshop/case study useful. Remember, this walks you through How To Create A NEW online income source using a simple to follow “Bootstrapping” Framework!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The One Market You Can Use 100% OPM framework strategies…
  • How to set up with minimum costs, Test the waters and Scale if successful, in as little as 24h from starting.
  • 3 Evergreen Bootstrapping strategies and Business Models I use to self-fund any online business and you can use them too.

Kostas “Pulling By The Bootstraps” Papadakis


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