My Tech stack for promoting CPA affiliate offers

This post serves as resources for what tools, software etc I use to promote Mainstream and Adult CPA Affiliate Offers.

What I currently Use:

1) Tracker. I use a number of trackers. However, for all my promotions, I prefer using RedTrack (cloud) tracker.

⚠️ It comes with 14-day free trial if you want to do a test-drive with either.

2a) Mainstream Email. I use this app (if I want to use it to promote mainstream affiliate offers) to collect Leads and follow up with them via email.

It’s self-hosted mailer but doesn’t require too much CPU/RAM. As such, it can be hosted on a server that you also have other apps like WordPress etc.

It’s got a one-off cost. It uses (mainly) Amazon Website Services (AWS) Simple Email Service (SES) to send the emails.

The problem is that AWS, these days, will give one a hard time approving so you can send emails using their Email (SES) service.

2b) Adult Email. If I want to use adult (& Casino & Crypto) email I go with a more private solution where I use a VPS server (like this one for less than $10), a bulk email sender app like this (or similar). This email app allows to connect (to) more than one (like AWS SES) paid SMTP services…

Or even connect and use my very own SMTP server.

⚠️Note: You can’t use commercial ARs like Aweber, Get Response, Active Campaign etc to send adult related emails.

⚠️Note: you can use that solution for mainstream email marketing too if AWS SES is giving you hard time approving you.

3) Domain Names & Web Host. I use Namecheap for domains. Simple UI.

And I use this provider for my VPS servers. Very affordable and with “clean” IP addresses.

4) Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages. I recommend (& use) OP3 landing page builder. It’s got everything I need (& more) and it’s very cost effective compared to other in the markets.

⚠️ Note: Because I host the landing page builder on my own WP, I use it together with this caching plugin on a WordPress site, to load pages fast.

I also use plain HTML pages hosted on Amazon S3buckets.

5) Exit Intent Software. I use PopUp Maker. It works great with mobile (not all exit pop services do) and its targeting options are superb.

Plus you can use NSFW images on your pop ups.

6) Push Notification List Building. I use OneSignal. It’s currently free for up to 90k subscribers.

7) Pixel List(s) Building. I use Facebook ads Business Manager and an ad account to get the FB pixels. I use Google AdWords to get the google remarketing pixel.

⚠️ You can’t run ads for Adult related promos on these platforms. But you can run other related offers to them (let your imagination go wild :))

8) Research/Spy tool. For Adult campaigns. I use Ad Periscope for my adult and Anstrex (mainly) for mainstream campaigns.

There you have it.


Kostas Papadakis

P.S I provide a Done-For-You Service. where I setup the whole tech stack for you ready to start building your own assets (email traffic source, Landing pages, pixel lists, Push lists). Drop me a line if you’re interested Here.

BTW – If you want to see what happens when all these tools used together in synergy …

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