part 4: The affiliate marketing hamster wheel

“All I need now is traffic.”

The next move was to find and select a traffic source, suitable for his chosen offer.

He stumbled a bit (again) on selecting a traffic source.

There are all these different types of traffic. Like POP unders, push traffic, Display, Native ads etc.

He remembers seeing POP unders jumping on his screen when he visits those Free movies sites.

He also remembers a post saying that one of the mistakes people make is choosing the wrong traffic type for an offer.

Time for some more reading.

He reads that the safest bet is to go with a traffic type that costs per click instead of impressions.

As then he’d only pay for each visitor that clicked on the ad to see his offer.

He also learns that for the offer type he wants to run (a Single Opt in Lead generation email submit), push traffic would be good.

“Push traffic seems perfect.” He thought.

“Plus anyone that clicks it’d mean they are really interested in my offer so conversions would be higher”…

Sometime later in his journey, he learned that not all clicks are the same.

There are also the so called Bots clicking on his link and costing him money….

And that there is usually a big discrepancy between clicks.

The number of clicks shown sent is usually more than the number of clicks shown on his tracker.

The same is true for the number of clicks shown as received in the affiliate network’s dashboard for the offer.

This was because of many factors playing into this complex interaction of systems.

Things like traffic sources cheating a bit sending fake clicks. And things like where the tracker was hosted and its ability to process those fast clicks…fast.

But that was later…


For a minute, he thought about using Facebook ads as the traffic source.

He’s had some experience with it. So much as knowing that Facebook has the best targeting options. Especially for the email submit offer he wanted to promote.

But pretty soon he realized that using Facebook ads was out of the question.

That’s because the offer he had chosen was considered too hyped. And it’d break the Facebook Ads Terms Of Service, resulting in losing his account.

“I guess I could set up the pre-lander page on my own host. “

“Change the hyped messages. “

“And remove the gazillion links all going to the same page…”

But decided not to bother.

…” and I don’t know how to do this Blackhat stuff to trick Facebook.”

“Plus it looks like it’s not worth the risk of getting my account shut”, He said to himself.

Learning to Spy

The next thing he had to do was to create the actual ad.

So for that, he needed to find some good creatives (images) and find out what to say on the ad.

He remembered reading somewhere that there are these so called “spy tools”.

These enable one to see what’s working for others and then just “model” their ads to create his.

And as luck had it, he remembered that link that was shared in that discord channel for this free spy tool.

He registered for free and he began spying…

For a minute he felt like million dollars almost as a cool as James Bond (after all he’s clever enough to spy on others’ work).

After some quick searches, he found a few creatives that looked to be for similar but not exactly the same to the offer he’d selected.

The text (later found out the lingo for it was “copy”) was for a different offer.

But he thought that’s good enough. “I can adapt the text of the ad.”

A slight issue was that the offer was for a GEO that he didn’t speak the language.

For a minute he thought to run the ad in English – after all everybody speaks English.

But then he remembered that it’s always best to use the native speaking language in the ads.

For best results and conversions.

“That’s ok. I’ll just use Google translate to tell me what the copy says…Done.”

So he’s now ready to make some money.

He chose the best offer (according to the Affiliate Manager).

He has found some creatives to use in his ad.

And he has set up both the affiliate network and the offer on his tracker.

“It’s now time to set up the ads.”

“So for that, I’ll need to find a good traffic source…”