The cashflow issue (continued)

If you recall from earlier, I said that …

Cashflow is important because it can and will directly affect your ability to not only scale but also maintain your marketing campaigns.

Let’s start by addressing the symptom.

As this is far easier and it’s something you can do today if you like.

So here’re a few ideas to “ease the pain” of the Cashflow Symptom.

The following ideas are not 100% my own. I’ve found them on various forums and mainly my good friend’s Deadz Media Lab. I obviously believe in them and have applied them of-course.

#1. Networks Payout Schedule & Requirements

Your main goal with every network should be to get/be on weekly payments.

Most of the time when you first join a network they’ll start you out on monthly payments or even worse …

The first thing you want to do after signing up to a network – that doesn’t already have you on weekly payments – is contacting your Affiliate Manager & show interest in having weekly payouts…

just so you can confirm the requirements & build some trust with your Affiliate Manager.

Most of the time (especially when dealing with the good people), they’ll give you some “goal” to hit.

Usually like “$XXX,- per day” or “$X,XXX,- per week”.

What’s important to note here is that payment schedules are based more on “trust” than revenue.

#2. Budgeting  

You also have to keep in mind that…

The higher the networks’ requirements are for you to get paid – the higher your initial campaign budget has to be.

And you’ll also have to consider what type of traffic/traffic source you’ll be working with for that specific campaign.

As this can also drastically impact how your budget is spent. Especially during the initial phases of the campaign.

For example…

A good ‘Pop‘ campaign can get to +ROI at even $50-100 spend.

While a good ‘Banner‘ campaign can be at $200-400 spend and still -ROI.

And a ‘Native‘ one can easily spend $500-1000 and also still be -ROI.

…As you gain experience, you’ll get a better grasp of how much budget each traffic type requires on average.

So the lower the networks payout requirements are – the better.

Especially when you’re just starting out and still have a very limited budget.

As you continue to build up a strong “portfolio” (of campaigns) you can start focusing on the networks that have higher requirements.

#3. Traffic Sources

In the context of this article, this is about which payment processors you’re using.

Considering this in advance will help you avoid having to unnecessarily wait for funds to transfer around.

But will also help you save on (transaction/exchange) fees, etc.

The Part We have the most control

Taking this a step further, you’ll notice that the part where we have the most (direct) control as media buyers (with our campaigns) is the traffic sources.

Most beginners tend to think of the offers (or networks) as the “asset”/the most important part.

But if we dive deeper into the meaning of the word asset, I’d say you need to be aiming to have the direct control of as many aspects of your marketing process as possible.

You can do that by starting to treat everything you do as an asset.

And the way to do that is by becoming what I call an Omnifarious Marketer

I do that by gathering data like crazy and I end up building as many lists of data (digital assets) as I can.

Make no mistake. Lists are major assets to build.

These include:

  • Email lists (I use this and this awesome Email Service providers for my mainstream offers lists. And this for adult type offers),
  • Retargeting/Remarketing lists (I use Facebook Pixel and Google Remarketing Pixel),
  • Push Notification Lists (I use OneSignal free for up to 90000 push list) and I even build…
  • Facebook Bot Messenger lists (I use ManyChat free to start up to 500 people).

And I use THIS service to setup my other assets like funnels. I use this because it saves me time. I can see the page how it looks on mobile with 1 click. I can connect HTML webform codes with no issues. And I can export and show these on any domain I want.

The idea is that you put everything above working for you.

In a systematic way.

The Omnifarious way.

And you’re growing your digital assets at all times.

And that’s how you address the root cause of the problem.

Remember; cash flow issues are the symptom…

BTW – If you’d like a bit more info on how we go about treating everything as an asset you may want to take a look at this case study.

Kostas “Solving The Cash Flow Issue” Papadakis