Hey I am Kostas…

First and foremost, I am a father, a husband and a friend.

I am a creator.

I love creating systems out of digital assets I built, using what I call omnifarious* marketing

… My “version” of Performance Marketing.

I take the complex out of seemingly different knowledge and purpose information and create online systems that work together (most of the time 😁 ) in harmony and simplicity, towards achieving a common goal.

This may be a leftover since my days as a systems engineer for big Cs and international organisations.

You can also read about my Before business experience and background on Linkedin

But am no one special.

I have been smart enough however to earn a full-time independent living online since 2010.

I’ve done a few things right (and a lot wrong).

I’ve seen a whole lot of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The evolution of nearly a decade online.

The benefit for you is that if you like love learning and acting on and about making money online, I believe you’ll find this site valuable.

Welcome to the journey!

Kostas “Making The Complex, Simple” Papadakis

* Adj – of all varieties or forms or kinds