Build You Own SMTP Email Server

…Build Your Very Own Traffic Source.

Very often, I keep hearing a lot of misconceptions floating around the internet marketing scene, when it comes to using email marketing.

Whether for promoting own products or for promoting affiliate offers.

Stuff like:

“Email marketing is DEAD!”
“AI is taking over the inbox!”
“Who needs an email list when I have a large social following? Can do SEO? can do -what have you-?”

So I wanted to stop these and let you know in on a little secret…

Use Email

No matter what you heard…

Email Marketing is STILL alive and well—and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

Here’s why…

It is estimated that there are 4 BILLION active email users right now (and that number is projected to go up, btw).

Email marketing consistently delivers the highest ROI of all marketing channels – earning on average $42 for every dollar spent

According to MarketingSherpa, email is STILL the most preferred marketing channel that most consumers want businesses to communicate with them through.

YES, even Millennials and gen-Z-ers prefer email to social media.

In fact, Email Marketing is the single best way to market your brand or business (affiliate marketing or otherwise), increase your revenue, and cash in on more conversions.

So Yes.

Email is better than ads, better than social media, and better than organic traffic…

I said it.

And what’s more, Email is always in high-demand (example, example) when it comes to any offer.

Why Build Your Own SMTP Email Server

A reasonable question is why you should want to run your own SMTP email server as opposed to get and use a paid service like AWeber or Active Campaign etc…

Let me answer this by sharing with you a quick story on the benefits of having the ability to send email from your own email platform.

I’ve been making an income from email ever since I started online back in 2010.

…in 2013,

…and in 2021,

…and still in 2024.

Early 2016, my email list had grown to over 200k subscribers. I was paying, AWeber at the time, hundreds of dollars per month (and some times thousands).

But I was making a lot of money so I was OK with it.

Soon I realized that the platform had limitations. I couldn’t do some segmentation magic I wanted back then (and also had limitations on what type of offers I could promote).

So I started looking for alternatives.

My main income was coming from affiliate marketing and selling traffic (Solo Ads) to others.

I was promoting mainly Biz Op and Nutra type offers.

I found a few alternatives that looked to do what I wanted like Active Campaign etc.

Soon I realized however that they weren’t comfortable, despite being a paying customers, to promote affiliate marketing offers.

And am not talking about the hypey type offers either.

Let along, the kinda aggressive way I was emailing (mailing 2-3 times a day, every day).

Furthermore, I wasn’t able to send for my clients’ offers, when selling email traffic, as their offers were biz op mainly and they were a bit on the hypey side of things.

On top of that, if I wanted to promote Adult Dating or Casino Type offers that was out of the question as I’d be breaking their ToS.

There were a few Email Service Platforms allowing for that type of emailing but their cost was way too high to justify their service.

And as my traffic selling business grew, I needed to send emails, on the volume of millions per day.

So going the private SMTP Email Server route looked like a one-way street for me.

That gave me the ability to setup (at one point in time) over 50 Private Email Servers.

And mail over 5 million emails per day!

And am not talking about spamming people here.

These were all legit permission based emails.

As you can imagine my income grew substantially.

But at the same time, it was a technical nightmare to manage.

So I kept only a few Private Email Servers for my own personal use.

Email Service Providers like GMAIL and Yahoo started changing their (tech) requirements for inboxing and so I ended up spending more time solving tech issues than sending emails (and making money).

Which brings me to the main reason …

Why I Share This Guide With You

In a (yet another) move to safeguard user inboxes, GMAIL and Yahoo Mail announced a new set of requirements for senders.

Effective February 2024, the new requirements affect email senders who distribute over 5,000 bulk messages per day or have >0.3% of messages reported as spam. Failure to comply with the new requirements may result in Gmail and Yahoo rejecting message delivery to their customers.

And although the announcements state this affects mainly users sending over 5k emails per day, I can tell you it will affect everyone sending emails.

These changes are like a tune-up for the email world, and by fixing a few things under the hood, we can keep email running smoothly”, Google’s Group Product Manager Neil Kumaran explained.

Google and Yahoo partnered in this effort to reduce the risk of phishing, spam, and malware. The two email providers will enforce the new email deliverability rules across both platforms. “A key mission of Yahoo is to deliver messages that consumers want to receive and filter out the messages they don’t”, wrote Marcel Becker, Senior Director of Product Management at Yahoo.

Here’s what the two email service giants (Warn) recommend for anyone emailing regularly (when it comes to the tech side of emailing)…

Authenticate your emails; Authentication is the biggest email deliverability rule Google and Yahoo seem to emphasize, and for good reason. Email authentication helps ensure that an email sent from your domain is legitimate and not a spoofing attack.

These are the authentication protocols you need to implement going forward if you want to send emails:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • Domain Keys Identified Email (DKIM)
  • Domain-Based Messaging Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC)

And when you do these right, you can achieve a perfect sending score…

So if you want to give email a go, you won’t get stopped before you even get started.

Truth is, if you are an email marketer, your plate is full already.

Writing, designing, and testing your email campaigns is overwhelming enough.

The traffic needs to be specific & high quality. The offers need to be perfect & freshly rotated. You need to hit the inbox.

You have to get people to click & convert on whatever offers on the other side of your link.

But if you want your great emails to land in the inbox, you can’t afford to ignore Google and Yahoo’s requirements.

EMAIL List = Your own Traffic Source

Last but not least, (yet) another (KEY) reason why you should be concerned with building your own email server and your own email list is this…

A friend of mine and super affiliate said this at one time:
…Most beginners in the (CPA et al) Affiliate Marketing scene, tend to think of the offers (or networks) as the “asset”; the most important part. But if we dive deeper into the meaning of the word asset, you’ll notice that the part where we have the most (direct) control as media buyers (with our campaigns) is the traffic sources. This is because when you treat the traffic as the asset you can then “plug ‘n’ play” style campaigns at your will and be on “greens” most of the time.…
– Darnell “DEADZ” Rafaela

Traffic source IS the asset.

And considering that there are really ONLY 4 types of traffic one can have at any time (note: types, not formats, like push, etc), like:

  • Traffic you earn via posts, videos etc,
  • Traffic you attract, via referrals etc,
  • Traffic you buy, via paid ads and
  • Traffic you own…

That last type is, by far, the best traffic to have at your disposal from them all.

And guess what you do when building an email list?

You build your OWN traffic source!

…That’s available on demand for you.

Read those last 2 statements again and let them sink in.

Of-course, you’d still need to use one (or all) of the other 3 types of traffic to grow your own.

But it’s worth it!

Remember those screenshots (here and here).

This is money from using my email list as a traffic source, selling traffic to others in places like this one (and via Facebook, over Skype etc)

The problem is: you’ll have a very hard time finding information, guides (that work and are up to date), services (or anyone willing to even share just a few hints) for setting up something like this – the right way.

But am here to change all that for you.

I’ve prepared a free step by step training in which I show exactly how to achieve all the above and get 10/10 sending score and thus increase your chance to land in the inbox when emailing.

Just hit the button below and let me know where to send it…

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