how I Get 5X Conversions Promoting CPA Affiliate Offers (Live Video)

I’ve been asked many times before how I start promoting CPA affiliate offers.

I’ve decided to answer this question with a short case study video.

Below you’ll find a “sped up” version of a longer video I did for my private coaching students.

It’s only 7 minutes or so long but shows the process and steps I take as well as the results when I want to promote CPA affiliate offers.

I use a process I’ve developed and call The Omnifarious Method.

In the video below I use the Adult Vertical CPA to demonstrate the results I get with my method.

Speaking of results, in the video I show how I:

  • Get 5X more conversions (than direct linking),
  • Raise the EPCs (compared to direct linking),
  • Add 80+ Email Leads and
  • Add 80+ Push subscribers

Even with Tiny Ad Budgets… in less than 1 Hour!

So the video starts with me selecting a few offers to test against each other and …

It’s also important to note that though in the video I show Adult Dating CPA Affiliate Offers, the “Omnfifarious Method” can and should be applied to other verticals as well.

And if you want to add a bit more context around the video you just watched, you can read my case study post on CPA Adult Dating Offers – How I Achieve Maximum ROI & EPCs, Here.

P.S (You can always thank me with some coffee☕)

Kostas “The Omnifarious Marketer” Papadakis

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