How To “Profit” from Any World Wide Crisis (Pandemic et al)


Please note: Initially this post was written in regards to the Corona Virus pandemic. However I made a few tweaks and this applies really to any crisis (pandemic or not)

I know, I know.

Yet ANOTHER article about world wide disasters.

But this one’s different.

I got this info sent from a friend and it resonated so much with my thoughts that I’ve decided to post it pretty much as it was sent to me…

Anyhow, let’s get to work.

1. What’s going to happen: Things are going to get weird. Then they will get better.

And if the crisis is about a new virus (like it was with the Corona virus) and it’s contagious, it ll get people really sick. A small percentage of those people die. That totally sucks.

2. What “everybody” is going to do: People are going to continue to panic and then they’ll stop.

They’re going to panic for two reasons.

First, because whenever something new hits us that we don’t have a lot of info, it can be pretty nasty and that’s pretty scary.

Second, because of the media …specifically social media.

It’s full of anecdotal “reports” …and light on facts.

We humans like to pass on “information” without checking it out.

And traditional media (the news) gets paid for viewership …and nothing drives viewership like FEAR.

In my opinion, World Organizations related to the crisis at hand, are probably the best place to get your info about this situation.

3. What this means for business (online or not): The best answer I can give you here is …IT DEPENDS.

This whole situation won’t be doing “the economy” any favours, that’s for sure.

But you know …participating in “the economy” is OPTIONAL.

You have TOTAL CONTROL over your business …so the REAL question is “How is this going to affect YOUR business?

And the answer is …IT DEPENDS.

Are you going to spend your time browsing social media, watching the news all day, and talking back and forth with people about this situation?

Or are you going to FOCUS on business?

I’d suggest you focus on business, avoid crowds, and wash your hands.

4. Can this (&any crisis) be turned into an opportunity?


And it SHOULD.

Now – please don’t take this out of context and think I’m telling you to profit from human suffering.

I’m NOT. That’s UNCOOL.

Instead, think about it this way:

A: Most of your competition will be following the herd and doing the whole “let’s sit around and talk about “the crisis”

…while simultaneously browsing social media and reading stuff about it

…while simultaneously watching the news for updates on the “thing”.

That means they’re NOT promoting. They’re NOT in front of the market. They’re NOT in the game.

B: Many of them will stop advertising (or at least slow down) because …you know … the “the economy”.

If this happens on a big scale, AD COSTS WILL GO DOWN.

C: A “Leadership Gap” has probably formed in your market.

During the Corona virus pandemic, almost every company I do business with has sent me some variation of the same email. “We’re taking precautions, we’re here to support you, blah blah blah.”

It’s almost like they feel like they have to send out the obligatory “Corona” email.

But those communications are MEANINGLESS.

Your market is experiencing the same thing everyone else is.

Uncertainty. Worry. Disruption.

If you step up and LEAD them, you’ll stand out. (And it’s good Karma.)

D: This may be a perfect time to pick up some new skills…
(See the PS section just in case you think this too)

What I’m doing personally:
1. Avoiding panicking and if the crisis is about a contagious virus, then also avoid large crowds, washing my hands, and keeping my immune system strong.

Kind of standard issue behaviour anyway.

2. Not paying attention to anyone other than non-biased expert organizations.

That means no social media.

No news media.

Just facts.

I suppose we could debate about where the best source of information is but that would be a waste of time.

Almost as much of a time-suck as spending all day on Social Media and watching the news.

A better use of our time is …


Look. I can’t do anything about this situation other than following the basic common-sense instructions that actual professionals (doctors etc) are giving us all.

But I CAN take full advantage of everything I mentioned above.

The fact that most people aren’t promoting. That most people aren’t running ads. That most people aren’t in the game.

And I think you should take advantage of it as well.

If you’re the only one showing up to the race

…it’s a lot easier to win the race!

OK – that’s it.

We’re going to get through this.

Obsessing over it, worrying about it, and panic …that’s all OPTIONAL.

I suggest you opt out of that keep focused.

How To Profit DURING The Corona Virus

Note that I said profit DURING this Coronavirus thing …and not FROM it.

It’s about taking CARE of others.

That’s what ALL businesses do in some way or another.

Affiliate Marketing is no different.

And right now, we’re presented with an opportunity to really stand out by being there for our customers when they need us most.

So (also in line with my point D above)…

Now that more and more people are asked to stay in due to the measures governments around the world take…

This is how I (continue to) Profit regardless of the pandemic!

Better for your mind than more fear mongering.

P.S (You can always thank me with some coffee☕)…

Kostas “The Omnifarious Marketer” Papadakis

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