Part 2: It’s like gambling

In part 1, I said that I was gambling my money and livelihood in the business by being a Transactional Affiliate.

And because of that, I was leaving way too much money on the table.

Before I show you how much that is, I want to be clear on something first…

I am not saying that you should not link directly to an offer, ever.

As a matter of fact, on some CPA Affiliate offers that work with POP traffic, there is no point doing it otherwise (due to the way this traffic type works and its lesser quality).

And despite how I may come across on that matter, I do it too.  

But only as a tactical part of my strategy of what I call MVT (Minimum Viable Test).

I send traffic straight to an offer’s page so I can quickly see if my research/assumptions for that offer were right.

I am directly linking to an offer ONLY when I want to quickly test that offer.

Once I know that an offer converts, I start treating traffic as a super Asset.

There is also another case when I ONLY send traffic directly to an offer.

When I own the traffic source…

The (digital) asset.

An Asset I Want To Own As Much of It As Possible.

Most beginners in the CPA Affiliate Marketing scene, tend to think of the offers (or networks) as the “asset”; the most important part.

But if we dive deeper into the meaning of the word asset, you’ll notice that the part where we have the most (direct) control as media buyers (with our campaigns) is the traffic sources.

This is because when you treat the traffic as the asset you can then “plug ‘n’ play” style campaigns at your will and be on “greens” most of the time.

So traffic and thus traffic sources are THE key digital assets.

So don’t you think it makes sense to build as many as possible of those (traffic) digital assets?

And that’s what I am doing.

And am about show it to you too…

Buying To Rent… Rent To Live

Before I do, I want to use an example from the Real Estate Market to make the point even more clear.

Since we are using the word asset and all.

I want you to think about the difference between renting to live and buy to rent for a moment…

When we rent, we pay some money for using the house (the asset – not ours – but the owners’).

As long as we pay the money, we are taking advantage of all the house’s amenities.

After all we pay for them.

Now how about when we buy the house and we rent it out to others.

That asset is now ours.


Do you see the difference?

Now we have total control of that asset and we make money off of it too.  

And what if we have 4 such assets that we either use our selves and/or rent out to others?

We get monthly recurring revenues.

And remember we still own the assets.  

Again, we have total control as before.

But now, since we own them, we can fix one of those up, renovate it etc and even sell it for a higher price than we paid to acquire that asset.

With me so far?

Driving Paid Trafic Directly Linking to an affiliate offer is like us renting the house (the asset) from someone else (the traffic source – the owner of the asset – the landlord).

We use it as long as we pay for it.

That’s it.

It’s not our asset.

It’s not working for us all the time.

The minute we stop paying for it, we have it no more.

And remember… the landlord can kick us out any time he wants…

So what is owning the house analogy then?

Owning the traffic source of-course.

How do we do that?

Building Our own Digital (traffic) assets

Now there are many types of digital assets we can build.

In this case, however, we are talking about traffic source assets.

And that is Subscriber Lists.

By building lists, we build our own traffic assets.

Our own traffic source that works for us day in day out.

And we put these traffic source assets, those Subscriber lists, to work for us like crazy.

The interesting thing is It costs* the same paid traffic as if we’re just sending it directly to the offer.

The best thing, however, is that the returns, both short and long term, far exceed those of just direct linking to an offer.

And we no longer have to leave money on the table.

Let me show it to you

The example below is from building assets in the adult CPA vertical.

The screenshot below is from a few campaigns I run back one day of August 2019.

These were for Single Optin Adult Lead Gen Offers with Revolution Force affiliate network.

Take a look at the overall Earnings Per Click (EPC) which is ~ $0.44.

Just in case you’re not familiar with the term EPC, this is  metric that gives an indication of how much money an offer will make for us if we send 100 clicks to it. Note however that CPA Affiliate networks tend to count EPC on a per 1000 clicks.

For some, this is a good EPC. But let’s say this is average in the adult lead gen vertical.

So just to make sure of the EPC importance, that EPC tells me (that in theory) if I’d send 1000 clicks to those offers I’d get $441 and some change in revenues.

However, focus on that second offer on that screenshot for a moment. Here’s the screenshot again.

That offer’s EPC is $1.67. That EPC tells me that if I’d send 1000 clicks, of the same quality (this is key), I’d get $1,670 in revenues.

Now I don’t know about you but I’d take that $1.67 EPC any day of the year…

And am willing to pay $0.60 per click(!) to get that.

I got that $1.67 EPC by starting building my assets (in this case an email list).

That EPC, for the small amount of traffic I’d sent, translated to just a bit over $300 for that day.

Just on that network alone.

That didn’t include the 242 conversions from an exit-intent asset I was building…

At the same time. With the same traffic…

And the building of 4 of my OWN Digital Assets.

In this case 4 different Traffic Sources…

An Email List:

A Push Notification List:

A Facebook Pixel List:

And a Google Remarketing List:

So That’s how much money, Transactional Affiliate Marketers that Only Ever sending paid traffic directly to an affiliate offer, leave on the table.

And That’s what building your own digital assets can do for you.

Want to know more?

Not a problem.

I have a training that I made for some clients walking them through the overall strategy & (Omnifarious) method…

…Building “Money” assets (like Email Lists, Push Lists & Pixel Lists) with your affiliate marketing.

Including demonstrating why this method works so well and what type of offers and traffic types work best.

It’s based and expands on how I achieve this kind of stats:

  • 182 clicks (Leads) at $0.60 Cost/Lead.
  • $109.2 Cost
  • 51 Conversions (28% CR).
  • $1.67 EPC (at per 1000 clicks).
  • $303.45 in Revenues. 
  • $194.25 in Profit

Just click the button below and let me know where to send it to you.